Data. Simplified.

Through bespoke consulting services, automating existing systems or deploying cloud software, datalytyks has one goal: simplified data.

What datalytyks Does

Software Appraisal

Not sure where you stand or if you need an upgrade? One of the first steps of being a datalytyks client is gaining a solid understanding of the systems or software you currently use.

Understanding where issues or challenges arise

Cost-savings with and cutting-edge applications

Identification of technology or experience limitations

Data Analytics

Data is all around us and is the core of any business. From customer data, to sales data to website traffic, more data flows through your business than you may realize. datalytyks is here to help simplify it!

On the forefront of data analytics and data visualization technology

Evangelist and daily-user of modeling and analysis tools

Specializing in Excel, Power BI, Alteryx and Tableau

Software Integration

datalytyks specializes in automating systems, process's and entire business solutions through Zapier, Integromat, Microsoft Power Automate and Integrately. Take your tools to the next level with automation!

Access to over 2,500+ web-apps

Managed subscriptions allowing touch-free integrations

Specializing in Zapier, Integromat, Microsoft Power Automate and Integrately

Client Success

Client success is the building blocks of lasting relationships. datalytyks utilizes intricate helpdesk and project management tools to foster a climate of client success, on demand!

Customized client portal and project management suite

Dedicated client helpdesk and support channels

Scheduled client check-ins and check-ups

How datalytyks Does It

System Appraisal

Take stock of the available tools and processes to find improvements

Data Analysis

Showcase what can be accomplished with proper data analysis and clean reports

Software Integration

Finding ways to integrate or automate data reporting and processes

Client Success

Dedicated helpdesk and client portal offer support after completion

What datalytyks Offers

State-Of-The-Art Cloud Business Tools. Simplified.

Microsoft 365
DropBox Business
EverNote Business
Zapier Management
Integromat Management

Ready To Simplify Your Data?

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Ready To Simplify Your Data?

Fill Me Out!