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Matt Fox
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With over 20 years of Enterprise-level Healthcare IT Infrastructure experience, a passion for delivering impactful solutions and customer service, Matt is datalytyks' Senior Solution Developer.

Matt lives in Townsville, Australia with his wife and two children. He enjoys being outdoors in his 4WD, reading a good book and has a love for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

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Guy Butts
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As the founder and Principal Solution Developer of datalytyks, Guy enjoys building innovative solutions and empowering businesses of all sizes through no-code technology.

Guy is married to his wife Courtney with two kids, Jaxon and Haleigh and three Great Danes, living near Columbus, Ohio. He loves being active outside, being a DIY dad and riding dirtbikes!

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Advisable makes finding a top, vetted freelancer with any skill as easy as finding an Uber. Simply sign-up, tell them what you need and they deliver a recommendation in as little as 10 seconds - covered by a money-back guarantee.

datalytyks has been using Advisable since late 2019 and is an Advisable Guild Member.

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UpWork is the worlds-largest marketplace for freelance talent across every talent space in the freelance market, with freelancers earning nearly $1 Billion annually and a top US staffing and talent engagement firm.

datalytyks has been using UpWork since 2018 and is a Rising Talent Freelancer.

Community Groups

A community-built resource where business owners and startup-owners alike can find no/low-code tools to meet business needs or enhance a business's offering. Need to discover a new tool or software that fits well into your stack? NoCodeList is a great resource!

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As a community-built and run group, this platform and group is ever-changing around the no-code movement! From discovering new tools and platforms to building-in-public or seeking guidance, this community is full of highly-capapble solution developers; including datalytyks!

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